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Realm of Shadows is a fantasy text based RPG where the user can role-play as a warrior and destroy wild monsters.
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 Official Basic Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Official Basic Forum Rules   Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:03 am

Basic Rules                                                    

Here is a list of the general rules of this website. If any of the following rules are broken, you shall be punished by a member of staff. This is a three strike website. If you break a rule the first time, you get a warning. If you break a rule two times, a final warning. If you break it a third time, it is a ban. If you continue to break rules it will result in a permanent ban.

-No being mean
-No Bullying
-No flaming
-No racism
-No ageism
-No sexism
-No threaths
-Keep swearing to a minimum
-No abusing powers
-No neglect
-No pornographic images
-No inapropriate content, words, videos, sentences or pictures
-No creating new accounts without permission
-No impersonating staff
-Keep posts at least four sentences long
-Obey topic tags such as [Example only] or [Topic closed]

Avatar and Signature                                                    

Some members of the community here at Realm of Shadows are young. As a result we ask you not to use inaproriate content in your avatar or signature. This includes offensive content and also influent content eg: violence or pornography.

-You can upload images to your album but they must go by the rules of inapropriate content.

-Please try to keep your signature short. We don't mind if it is a little long, as long as there is nothing huge in it that is pointless and has no need to be there. Also, please have a link to all of your characters in your signature for the convenience of the staff.

-MAKE SURE to add a link to your character in your signature, otherwise your moderator will not be able to locate your character to change them by adding items, money, experience etc.

Registration and Accounts                                                    

-Your username must not be changed after you have created it unless you ask for permission.
-Do not make multiple accounts unless you have permission
-Do not use words in your username that may provoke or offend other members
-Do not give away your account details to anyone ever!
-You must post in the Introductions and Leavings if you are new to obtain Member status. If you don't, your character application will be ignored!

Inappropriate Content                                                    

Realms of Shadows welcomes members of all ages. Under this case, you must not use inappropriate content. This means swearing, pornography and offence. We do have filters on the website to censor as many words as possible but this doesn't mean it is acceptable. You will still be punished, as you did attempt to post inappropriate content.
If you try to avoid the censors by using symbols or random letters it will still be counted as breaking the rules.

Illegal Activities                                                    

Any discussions of illegal activities of any sort will be deleted and the posters punished. You will be given one warning, and if anything happens again, your account will be deleted and your IP Address banned.

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Official Basic Forum Rules
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