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Realm of Shadows is a fantasy text based RPG where the user can role-play as a warrior and destroy wild monsters.
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 Soul Hunter

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PostSubject: Soul Hunter   Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:45 am

Name: Rei Miststar
Nickname: Soul Hunter
Age: 16
Gender: Female


Rei likea to keep hidden. She is very quiet and shy. Many people think she is cold, but on the inside she is warm. When she meets a new friend, they ususally discover how loyal and trusting she is. She is usually alone and is lonely. She wants to find love, but for the better she forbids herself to have a crush. The reason is that she knows it will torment her as she is too shy to tell them, and it would be easy to figure out as she doesn't lie and her blush could be read like a book.


Rei grew up in Serenity City. She much enjoyed there. However her school life was not so good. No one wanted to be her friend as they thought she shy. People made fun of her shyness as well. Every day she would sit lonely by herself. No one would even talk to her. When she was younger everyone laughed whenever she tried to say something, making her very self-conscious. And they still sort of do that to this day. They ignore her whenever she tries to talk to them. They also stare at her, and then whisper to their friends. Some people even make fun of her right in her face, without even attempting to hide it. She has depression and a lot of the time she considers killing herself. She is very lonely and every day she wishes someone, absolutely anyone, would reach out to her.

Class: Human

Attacks: Shining Black, Shadow Chains, Mirror Blade, Spirit Reaper



Gold: 5000

Level: 1
Exp: 0

Strength: 5
Speed: 15
Agility: 15
Focus: 10
Stamina: 5
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Soul Hunter
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