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Realm of Shadows is a fantasy text based RPG where the user can role-play as a warrior and destroy wild monsters.
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PostSubject: Buying Post   Fri Nov 07, 2014 5:48 am

Just name the item you wish to buy and what character you want to give it to, and a member of staff will approve the transaction. Make sure your character has sufficient Gold.

Flash Bomb - 400G
Stuns the opponent, making it less likely for them to attack.

Power Stone - 500G
Increases the strength of your next 3 attacks.

Smoke Bomb - 700G
Produces a cloud of smoke, concealing you long enough to flee.

Flash Spark - 900G
Ignites on impact, doing some damage.

Shine Orb - 1200G
On use emanates a bright light that binds the foe, meaning your next Attack will not miss.

Heal Remedy - 1800G
Heals half of your health during a battle.

Sleep Pouch - 2500G
Opening it releases a gas that knocks you and your opponent out, however you may awaken 3 turns before your opponent.

Seal Cloak - 3500G
Allows you to weaken the power of your opponent's attacks, But lowers all of your stats besides Focus.

Golden Amulet - 7000G
No known use, but it's use may become clear at some point.
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Buying Post
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