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 Grayson Lee

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PostSubject: Grayson Lee   Sun Nov 09, 2014 1:23 am

General Information
Grayson Lee
9 years old at time of death
Grayson was born over 50 years ago. He was born to a poor family with two older brothers. At the age of 5 Grayson began to start to help his father and older brothers with work. Everyday he and his brothers would wake up early and go to work with their father, either chopping down trees for lumber or trying to sell some of the lumber. Sometimes they wouldn't be finished until it was late at night. Some would say that life like that would be hard and a bad life but, Gray was happy and that's all that mattered to him.

One day while Grayson had been trying to sell some lumber in the market he noticed a stray kitten. Grayson, being the little kid that he was, ran  over to try and catch  the kitten to take it home. Grayson never even got the chance. as soon as he had stepped into the road to grab the kitten a horse that had been spooked by the clanking sound coming from the blacksmith shop ran straight into Grayson. Grayson cried out in pain as the horse trampled him. Grayson's brothers  rushed over to him and picked him up before running home.

Grayson died a day or two later. He was in his bed sleeping at the time with his mother beside him. That day was a sad day for his family. Grayson had only been 9 years old at the time.

A couple of weeks after his death Grayson woke up only to find that he was in his bed. He looked around and noticed that no one wwas in the room. He quickly rushed into the kitchen yelling "Mommy, Daddy, I'm better!". However, no one could hear him. He walked over to  his mother and tried to poke her in the back so she would look at him. Grayson jumped a little when his hand slid right through his mother. Grayson pulled his hand back and looked around before running back into his room scared.

Later that day Grayson tried to leave the house to go out and help his brothers and father only to find that he couldn't go out the door . Every time he tried to step outside it was like some unknown force was pushing him back and keeping him in the house. Grayson backed away from the door and ran into his room crying. "What is going on" whispered in between sniffles.

Within the next few weeks Grayson eventually gave up on trying to leave the house. However, he had also given up on trying to contact his family. Grayson just stayed in his room now and watched his family go through life. He watched as his mother died of sickness. He was there when his father had died from a heart attack. He was there when his older brothers got married and moved out of the house, leaving him alone in the house. Ever since the day he died Grayson had felt alone, now he was truly alone.

Grayson has continued to stay in the house. Even as the house began to fall apart Gray stayed. Grayson now knows that he is a ghost. No one has ever lived in the house since Grayson and his family and Grayson plans to keep it that way.

Battle Information
Class: Light Ghost
Ectoplasmic Blast, Pain Share, Energy Drain, Telekinesis

- Wood
- Metal x 2
- Shine Orb
- Flash Spark


Battle Records and Level


Strength: 3
Speed: 11
Agility: 10
Focus: 14
Stamina: 7
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PostSubject: Re: Grayson Lee   Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:41 am

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Grayson Lee
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