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~Angel of Origin

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Realm of Shadows is a fantasy text based RPG where the user can role-play as a warrior and destroy wild monsters.
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 Angel of Origin Reincarnation ~ Lia

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PostSubject: Angel of Origin Reincarnation ~ Lia   Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:27 am

General Information
Name: Lia
Nickname: Angel of Origin
Age: 24
Gender: Female




Personality: Lia could be described in one phrase, cool, calm and collected. She almost never gets angry, or bossy, however she is not extremely kind either. She is a perfect balance of the two, which enhances her ability to judge people very well. She is quite intelligent as well, and hasn't really ever done or said anything that could be described as stupid. She doesn't talk much and always listen, as she believes it is only really necessary to talk when you need to. She is a very good leader, which is a perfect skill considering she is the ruler. Overall, she is perhaps the best she could be at her job.


At the death of the previous Angel of Origin, Lia emerged into the world, a newborn fairy. Her wings gleamed with the energy of the universe.

Ever since she was born her mother could feel the life energy in her gleaming rainbow wings, and so, she named her Lia, derived from the word 'life'. Although she seemed to be more powerful than most newborn fairies, her parents had no idea the truth. Sadly, the moment she learned of her death, the Angel of Death sent her army of dark beings to hunt down the new reincarnation and kidnap her, intending to imprison her for all of her life. Her parents took her away from the forest where they resided and searched for a place where Lia would be safe, but they could find no such place, and the Angel of Death's minions were closing in. Just as they were about to give in, a sole angel had discovered the news, named Auriel. She swooped down and rescued Lia, taking her in her arms and flying off with her. The dark beings and the Angel of Death were unable to find Lia, and gave there search in.

Lia was taken to a secluded village consisting of angels, and the headquarters for the Pillar of Justice, of which Floriel was a part of. Auriel looked at the poor fairy child and decided to raise her as her own, acknowledging how much effort it would take to raise the reincarnated form of the Angel of Origin. She wove some clothes and blankets for Lia, and put her to bed. She had just made one of the largest commitments of her life, and yet she was glad that she had done so.

As Lia grew older her powers did too. Her wings were extraordinarily powerful, and simply looking at them could send people into a dazed, yet enlightened state temporarily. As a result, she had to hide her wings, and couldn't show them in front of people to avoid causing any problems. She was trained in the ways of light, and became powerful quite quickly. She knew intermediate magic by the age of 6, and that was just the beginning. Meanwhile the Angel of Death was taking advantage of the absence of her enemy, and was preparing.

After several years, Lia had grown to the age of 14. She now knew advanced magic, but her power still wasn't even close to her full potential that she would one day reach. She had been told that she was the Angel of Origin at the age of 12, and she honestly didn't have much of a worry, despite the weight of her responsibilities. In fact, she had been glad that she would be able to be the commanding force of light. The Angel of Death had noticed her gain in power, and began to realize that she would reach huge levels of power in a matter of years, and she would be unable to defeat her. Before that could happen, she began searching to the ends of the land, just to find Lia. There had been a report that a strange Fairy had been spotted with an angel, and so she focused on societies of angels. As fate would have it, the Pillar of Justice was discovered, and was attacked. Lia couldn't stand to see the village and the angels within it be destroyed just to protect her, and forced her way out of the house that she had been locked in so that the dark beings wouldn't find her, and battled them, defeating them easily with the help of the Pillar of Justice. The battle had been won by light, but the Angel of Death now knew where Lia was.

Aged 16, another attack happened. This time the Angel of Death herself came. The battle was chaotic. She entered the village, and demanded Lia show herself. Knowing that she would surely be killed, the angels of the Pillar of Justice created a barrier of light around the village, preventing anything with a dark heart from entering. Meanwhile, Auriel snuck off to Serenity City with Lia. It was time for her to take her seat on the throne.

Lia arrived at the castle where her coronation soon take place. The Pillar of Justice also took their place as head of the Angel Training Academy, where they taught warriors to fight. Lia has been on the throne ever since, and so far, there have been no attacks from the Angel of Death, as it would be too risky for her to attack such a big city as Serenity City.

Class: Fairy
Battle Information

- Angelic Blast
- Ethereal Light
- Purifying Barrier
- Restrictive Grace
- Empyrean Force
- Holy Strike

Weapon: -

- Crown

Gold: 5000
Battle Records and Level

Level: 75
Exp: 0

Strength: 70
Speed: 70
Agility: 70
Focus: 70
Stamina: 70
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Angel of Origin Reincarnation ~ Lia
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